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Are You Being Nudged to Do Something More?

Have you been feeling your heart prod you for quite some time?

Do you have a longing, an ache, you just can't shake?

Have you taken the time to explore these yearnings?

Society seems to thrive on the rush, the pursuit of the dream, and to gather all sorts of advice and go any distance to get there. The fallout from this endeavor is your heart, it loses its voice. Your valiant efforts simply don't have time to consider such distractions.

Is it possible this too is one of the tactics of your ego? He lives in your head and he works very hard at keeping you in a spin upstairs so that you don't make the journey downstairs, in your heart. What may seem like good intentions, shuts out the greatest channel to your wisdom, your heart.

Your heart has a purpose, to be heard and to live your life through it. Your heart guides you to meaning, truth, and fulfillment reside there. I believe your Divine knowing lives there. The sneaky subtle tactic of drive toward lofty aspirations makes taking time to be quiet and listen like a waste of time.

How do I know so much about this?

I am a master of this deception. Yes, even a coach with the ambition to love and serve a struggling world, falls prey to what appears to be a grand vocation, helping others transform into their real freedom. My mind chatters on that I should: create another post for every type of social media platform out there, another podcast will do the trick, start that 3rd book, write another online, do, do, do...

Being fooled into the trap of doing, leaves me exhausted, and I return to the age old wound I thought I healed long ago...self-doubt...not good enough...why is everything so hard. This is what NOT listening to your heart brings. More pain. More misery.

Why are we humans so dumb? The lessons seem to be on repeat....

I am allowing this blog to demonstrate the progression from knowing a truth, to forgetting a truth, to remembering a truth, returning to grace, and return to truth. I write as I experience it in the now.

I recall the verse in Hebrews 2:1 You must pay most careful attention therefore, so you do not drift away.

The writer knew the susceptibility of humans, which is why we are to pay most careful attention. I will add to the translation with the purpose of this blog: we pay careful attention to listen to our heart.

I am privy to overzealousness. I suppose you could insert impatience. A wise mentor once told me that my impatience has led to many a heartache. My impatience to create and do under the disguise of being a zealot for the cause of helping people, unveiled, stripped naked, is really my fear of not succeeding so I do more.

As I come to this realization again, I am humbled and I have to practice every coping technique in my arsenal. I am grateful I have an arsenal. I can return to grace, peace and truth much faster than before I became equipped.

There is no greater joy than equipping others to have an arsenal too.

Is this you?

Is this what your heart is trying to say?

Do you want to impact peoples lives in meaningful ways too? Where they can proceed with a mind and skillset to do life better? How about live their gift even?

As I strive to honor time so I can drop into my heart and hear my Divine voice, it becomes clearer and clearer. The Divine showed me that the longing in peoples hearts is intensifying so that they step fully into all they were designed to be, for true fulfillment lies there.

If you happen to be reading this, and you feel pulled to discover more, I am here.

I offer HeartWorkU Life Coach Training - become equipped to love and serve.

And yes, you too will falter, as do I, as does everyone. No one is exempt. But we can learn to bounce back faster, Trust more, return to peace and be a vessel for others to do it too.

With Accountability, Love, and some Fun,

Kim O

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