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HeartWorkU Soul Coaching

Let's access what is already there, inside of you. 

Bridge into the Woods

Hi, I am Kim O

When you recognize the power and beauty within your Soul, you are unafraid, confident, and able to face all of your challenges with LOVE! 
My experience, training, intuitive wisdom, and coaching skills are here, waiting for you to take a chance on the
Adventure of YOU.


***My Energetic Signature***
-Most people come to me

because they have identified with their 
wounds/ego, inner child /
the mind's
interpretation of experiences.
From a place of STRENGTH, your True, Higher, Soul Self is where healing occurs.
We discover YOU through Astrology,
Human Design, Enneagram,
 & MBTI.
You will walk away feeling 

Heal Traumatic Experiences
or Not Feeling See

-which haunt and affect my choices
and relationships 

Heal My Inner Child
-heal unresolved inner hurts & pain

Tools to have a Conscious Relationship
-resolve conflict and communicate easily
without taking things personally,

Value, See & Hear Each Other

I'm Too Sensitive &
Overwhelmed by My Feelings & Others
for empaths and HSP's,
and Parents of SuperFeelers,
your sensitivity is your SuperPower

Spiritual Coaching utilizing the teachings of Buddha & Jesus (heal from Religious Abuse etc.)

Discover My Animal Totem 
- the spirit animal medicine within

Coaching $125 an hour
(if this is a financial hardship, contact me)

Traveling in Nature
Newcastle Australia

MORE Soul COACHING opportunities 

OverGivers Grasp Your Value & Say No
it's time for you to receive, restore balance,
and become present for yourself

Love Cures Anxiety
- learn how your Higher Self can Love You
and Your Anxiety, thus calm you down

End Suffering, Heaven Within
- live the profound teachings of Buddha & Jesus

What is Ego
- Understand Ego's Origin, Power, & Influence

Grieving My Hurts & Past
- my grief wants to be seen

Forgiveness is the Tallest Mountain to Climb
-forgiveness is a journey,
only your Higher Self can do it, we approach
and unfold the steps toward Being Forgiveness

Coaching $125 an hour

All challenges come from Mindsets & Judgments which do not align with your Authentic/Higher/Soul Self. This happens when your wounded ego/inner child IDENTIFIES with your thoughts and feelings. We were never meant to identify, we were meant to experience our feelings and observe ourselves from the strength, power, and LOVE of our Higher/Soul Self.   


Together, we discover and reframe your judgments and mindsets so you can live Authentically from your heart. The heart is where your wisdom lies. This wisdom guides your mind, which is filled with files of information and memories. The mind needs the wisdom from the heart, otherwise wounded ego makes decisions and interprets your beautiful feelings from a place of fear and lack. 


I approach you WHOLISTICALLY, because YOU are truly WHOLE. You are not defective. There is nothing WRONG with YOU. Your mind may have told you that you are, but that was an ego message without wisdom, and coming from fear.  


I create safety and trust through a relational and teaching style, fueled by love, presence, compassion, non-judgment and accountability.


What takes years in counseling, and is never really achieved, typically occurs in 3 months with me. 


When you feel you have a true friend, who unconditionally has your back, you can tackle anything.  

Find out for yourself!

Reach out for a Breakthrough conversation!

1. Start with a complimentary 15 min discovery conversation or an email exchange to meet Kim and briefly explore your challenges.

2. A brief Coaching intake will be emailed to you, and you will send it back before you have your first session. 

View & Access

HWU Soul Curriculum 

click image below



  • SHARING: Brief expression of the areas of your life causing pain, frustration, or struggle.

  • FEEL the power of PRESENCE as I HOLD SPACE for YOU...this alone is incredibly healing because you are being SEEN with the eyes of unconditional love acceptance, and non-judgment.

  • FOUNDATION: Deeper understanding and celebration of your PERSONALITY/your Recipe through MBTI, Enneagram, Astrology, Human Design, and the Chakras 


  • UNDERSTAND wounded ego/inner child/underdeveloped self origins, influence, and traits and the Power of Your Higher Self being able to observe and transcend ego

  • LEARN Psychological & Spiritual Tools to Shift your Mindset and New Behaviors

  • LOVE Your Wounded Inner Child Within with the power of PRESENCE/NON-JUDGMENT - your Higher Self becomes the WITNESS to your Inner Child and all the feelings that he/she expresses rather than your ego being the CRITIC

  • ACCOUNTABILITY with Weekly HeartWork & Follow-Up  

  • INTERACT with Powerfully Profound Spiritual Concepts from various faiths and spiritual ideologies


When internal conflict or childhood wounds create Anxiety, Depression, or Mental Illnesses, this affects your Relationships because wounded ego is driving your life and decisions, not the wisdom from your Higher Self.


Experiencing your many fleeting feelings and the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows life brings, from your Higher Self is where your peace, joy, and fulfillment exist. This is possible. I BELIEVE IN YOUR RESILIENCE!  

For faster results,

engaging with my Soul Curriculum workbooks or

taking courses from my online school HeartWorkUniversity

is recommended 



Workshops &

I would love to share with your organization or group.

I also enjoy leading retreats and powerful, nourishing workshops. My coaching repertoire enables me to share with your audience in an intimate fashion, transforming mindsets and empowering forward action. Meditations and Sound Therapy rituals are an integral aspect of what I offer. You will feel nourished, refreshed, and equipped with life changing truth and wisdom. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

For more information:

I remember as
a young child... 

caring deeply for people. I could not bear knowing anyone was in pain. This included the animals on our farm. I was different, but this difference was not acknowledged in a positive manner. I needed to adapt. I needed to wipe those tears and buck up. I also experienced childhood trauma at the tender age of 4, and was not comforted or told "this is not your fault, this was wrong." 


I did not understand the devastating effects of childhood trauma, coupled with not having been raised with affection, emotional support, or even a healthy self-esteem. I did not know I was an HSP (highly sensitive person) until my mid thirties. After very poor choices in dates and mates, I was tired of the pain. I was tired of the anxiety and depression. I was tired of my dependence on Xanax. I was tired of my miserable life. 


Could the spiritual leaders, teachers, and coaches I was listening to, be right? Could I be free of the negative thoughts, shame, and self-loathing that shrouded my existence. 


I gave it a try. I first tried counseling and then upgraded to coaching. Coaching was profound. Coaching was active and transformative, and it happened fast.  

I am Kim O, a recovered OverGiver, a recovered Hopeless Romantic, a recovered Xanax Addict, a recovered Self-Doubter, a recovered disempowered Dater and Relationshipper, a recovered Religious Dogamatist….to one powerful, embracing her purpose, Authentic Self, Soul, Partner, Teacher Coach and founder of  HWU.

I would be honored to guide and empower you to YOU and your personal freedom.



Life Coach Training and Advanced Life Coach Training from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, AZ.

Bachelors Degree in Psychology, with Master's Level Training from Grand Canyon University

NICBM - Internal Family Systems training

Intuitive Development Center, Phoenix, AZ

Mediumship Certification from Kumara Academy

Reiki Training from the Reiki Academy Phoenix, AZ, taught by Master Rod Lyman

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