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My #1 Fave Tool
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workbooks & journals
simple & direct, yet profound, deep, inspiring & empowering 

non-threatening, with helpful, fun 
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guided questions within an autobiographical self-help book


It is true, we reap what we sow.

Do you sow thoughts of:

  • self doubt and not feeling good enough

  • worry and anxiety

  • feeling alone

  • past hurts run cyclically in your head?

Because YOU are greater than these thoughts, YOU have the power to change them. 

This book tackles the beliefs you are sowing.manifesting that are reaping/attracting your current life and HOW to transform them into the life and Divine Purpose intended for you, without religious dogma.

Experience faith in yourself in a whole new light, the light of love. 

You reap what you sow.  Galatians 5:7


I felt like I was on an endless search for my knight.

I was kind and loving, but no one seemed to appreciate it.

What was wrong with me?  Was I not good enough?

I had a faith that said I was suppose to be free.  I was far from free. I did not love me and that had everything to do with why I could not find my knight. This is not a religious tale, but Spirit whispers as I slowly discover who I really am.     

If you have self-doubt...if you feel lonely and frustrated, and question whether love is in the cards for you

You will see yourself in me.  You will laugh and cry with me. And hopefully you will find your knight too for your Knight is available right now.  Your Journey could begin today.

HeartBreak to Wholeness

an autobiographical tale

Deep Healing Video Courses


Cure Anxiety: Live from Your Heart & Master Your Mind

Learn The Foundational Tools To Cure Basic Daily Stressors And More Traumatic Forms of Anxiety

Modern Dancer

Reconciling My Body's Reactions with My Sacred Self

When you feel as if your mind and body are out of control. IFS (Internal Family Systems) is powerfully utilized.


Forgiveness of Self & Others: the hardest and most important HeartWork

Forgiveness is the cornerstone of your peace, joy, and fulfillment in life and love. Being offended and hurt, doesn't work.


Grieving Your Hurts & Past

Grieving the hurts and harm done to you, is a foundational aspect to your healing and feeling free.


Heal Hurt & Trauma: Feel Your Feelings

Especially The So-Called Negative Feelings Without Making Yourself Wrong


Master Your Mind & Conquer Automatic Negative Thoughts

Master Your Mind Through Reframing Tools & Skills

Build Your Confident Authenticity Video Courses:
Personality, Purpose, Values


Discover Your Valuable Verbs: How to Value Yourself & Others

Our #1 Recommended & Favorite Starter Course...A Must See & Do!

people (1).jpg

Unleash Your Confident Authenticity: How Past Messages
Cause You to Lose Yourself

Shed the Shoulds & Embrace Your Unique Personality

happy_couple (1).jpg

Discover Your Common Compatibility Values using the
Compatibility Compass

Know What Is Important To You With The Help of The Compatibility Compass And Create Healthy Boundaries


Slaying Your Dragons

Learn About Being An Everyday SuperHero Dragon Slayer & How Men & Women Differ

In Attraction & Expectation


Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl: a deep dive exploration

"It's Not What Life Gives Us, But What Life Expects From Us." Viktor Frankl

Quick Power Packed with a Punch
(Free & Foundational for Everyone Mini Courses)


OverGiving Hurts Relationships / Triggered In Conflict / Nice Guys Finish 1st


Being tired of your current status is a great sign, its time to fuel your efforts in the right direction, feeling good again, feeling inspired, anticipating each day. You can heal and overcome. If I did it, and many others (check out testimonials), you can do it too!

Communication & Conflict Resolution Video Courses 

happy_couple (3).jpg

Healthy Communication Skills: When Triggered & In Conflict

Silence Disintegrates Relationships - Create HarmonyRather Than Defensiveness...


SuperHero Sharing & Listening

Learn The Healthy Habits of Sharing & Listening, Instilling Value, And Setting The Stage For

Harmony & Cooperation

Sensitivity, OverGiving, Being Hurt, & Balance
Video Courses


How to Never Take Anything Personally

Save Yourself From Needless Hurt & Suffering


OverGivers, You Matter!

We teach people how to treat us


Sensitivity is Your SuperPower!

You are NOT TOO SENSITIVE! For Sensitives, Empaths, & Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)


Are You Under the Misperception that Others Should Not
Let You Down

Singles Series of Video Courses


Singles Dump the Junk in Your Trunk

Discover Exactly What Junk You're Lugging Around That is Negatively Affecting Your Life,

Dating & Relationship

happy_couple (4).jpg

Dating Skills: The 14 Golden Rules of Swagiliciousness in Dating

These Are The Rules You Must Have To Equip You To Date Confidently And Authentically - Attracting Your Mate is a Very High Possibility!


Nice Guys, How to Finish First!

Learn How to Unleash the SuperHero already In You!

Women Only Series of Video Courses


How to Love Your Man When You Feel Frustrated

A Power-Packed Workshop For Women Who Want To Embrace Their Inspiring Power


Silence Hurts More: How to Safely Start the Conversation with Your Partner and Dates

Understand the Root of Many Women's Struggle to Climax, How to Communicate & OverCome - course for both Women & Men



 When we feel Valued, Seen, & Heard,
we feel LOVED.

Introducing my 12 Magnetic Valuable Verb cards!

Place the cards in order from how you most feel valued with this particular Verb, to how you least feel valued.

You just learned a ton about yourself, and now you get to share this with your loved ones. Have them do it too.

Click on the image to purchase on 


What PeoPle Say

"Kim, You are awesome!  Just wanted to tell you how grateful and blessed I am to have stumbled across your group and life coaching.  It's like the female version of hitched. Thank you for helping me transform my life." - divorced Dad who was ready to give up on love, but is now enjoying a passionate relationship

— Troy H.  Idaho

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