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HWU workbooks mimic coaching sessions, with powerful insight and questions of self-reflection which lead you to your empowerment with simple, direct, large text, and colorful illustrations.


Why not make learning about yourself, an adventure and beautiful?!

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Self-Reflection is the greatest gift I gave myself

on my healing journey, and continues to be.


When I was trained in Life Coach training,

I learned the power of a question.


Why is a question so powerful?


Because it forces us to pause, stop the noise, be present to ourselves, and go within.


All of our answers are here...we just don’t stop long enough to hear them...or we have too much fog in the way...


As a Coach, I model presence, attention, and active listening with my clients. They can then provide this same loving attention to themselves...daily, and moment by moment.


I have also found, having a witness to our reflection is extra powerful. We were meant to help each other.


Kindred coaches and I do this for each other. We ask these questions. Explore yourself, hit me up.


Be OKAY with just writing whatever comes up.

No solution.

Just FEEL & REVEAL...the HEAL will come.

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Most women try to wear every hat and be absolutely amazing, without fault, during every single capacity we find ourselves in...

And to do it all with a smile, looking sexy, vibrant, grateful, and energized.

The Truth:  sometimes we want to escape. Sometimes we don't see any relief in sight, Sometimes we feel lost and don't remember who we are...

I'm here to relieve you with a profound idea:

You are allowed to feel both

strong and weak

loving and mean

energized and exhausted

sexy and wanting to hide

friendly and seeking solitude...


The #1 challenge with some who come to me for coaching? Self-judgment, making oneself and her feelings wrong, not being aligned with her ENERGETIC SIGNATURE...this is exhausting and unfulfilling. 

Open these pages and get to know YOU again, feel ALIVE again! Gather with girlfriends! Invite Me too!

Saguaro Soul
Children's Book Series
Raising Resilient Kids


Why I believe understanding ego is one of the most important journeys we go on, to heal:

I had so many negative thoughts in my head: I’m not enough, I’m not good enough, I need to change me to be accepted...I was in a constant state of self-loathing. I had done some counseling. But I could not escape me. I remember sitting alone, in the dark, in the corner of my apartment, thinking, I don’t know how to think differently about me? The spiritual leaders and teachers I listen to, told me I have to have self-love. I don’t know how to do that...I try spoiling myself with pedicures and massages, but the feel-goods don’t last.

It was my own journey of not knowing HOW to stop the negative thoughts in my head...that led me to this incredible wisdom about the ego.

Understanding ego, what ego really is, set me free.

I was able to release shame.
I was able to release self-judgment.
I was able to release self-loathing.

I was able to love me,fully and completely.

I now share what I learned with you.

I walk my clients through the insight this book contains, and it is life-changing for them too.

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I discovered something amazing on my healing journey:

I could count on love.

Love is powerful.

Love always works.

The search to end anxiety became my greatest gift, because it became a quest to experience true love. Soul kind of love...My own Soul’s love. This love transcends all and healed the anxiety plaguing my existence.

Panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, worry, and fear are no match for the power of love.

Thank you for joining me as I dispel love to you in the way in which Divinity revealed it to me.

You are NOT your Anxiety.

YOU are the witness to your Anxiety.

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I felt so unseen. I felt so unloved.

No, my inner children felt unseen and unloved.

Inner children are actually stuck, hurt energy within, from one or more experiences that caused emotional pain.

Feelings are meant to be seen, felt, and offered love in the moment...when they are not seen, felt, and offered love, hurt inner children are created. They stay in the body and are triggered and threatened by anything that may remotely remind them of past hurts or pain.

Your beautiful body is most likely housing some hurt inner children. Welcome to getting to know them and learning how to finally see, feel, and offer them love so they can play.

Conversing with and my inner children was one of the most liberating and loving aspects of my healing journey.
I guide you to do the same with this beautiful, full color workbook, easy to follow with illustrations. 

Understanding and relying upon Presence has been the most relieving aspect of my healing journey.

What should I do?

Why is this happening?

I need to figure this out.

What tool or technique could I learn or find to help??? Someone HELP!

Do Do Do. Effort Effort Effort. Work Work Work.

Overwhelm became the gift to usher in PRESENCE. Yes, the gift, for I would have never thought presence contained any magic. Indeed, I am happy to tell you I was wrong.

Allowing PRESENCE to do the work for me, has calmed down my nervous system, my reactive difficult feelings,so peacefully and profoundly.

I’ll let PRESENCE prove it to you too.

Discovering I am a SuperFeeler was a pivotal, relieving, and celebratory moment. 


I’m too sensitive. Cold, sound, lights, and fabrics aren’t just uncomfortable, they can cause real pain.

I don’t fit in. I try. It just exhausts me. 

Surface conversations are excruciating.

Why do I feel so deeply and just know things. If people really knew what was going on inside, they would be shocked. 

There must be something wrong with me.

I’ve tried to be less sensitive, but nothing works.


And then I learned about HSPs, highly sensitive persons. “You mean this is a thing?!” I exclaimed as I read about myself, finally receiving the validation I never had, to BE ME.


We cannot experience meaning and fulfillment 

if we are trying to be someone else, 

not honoring the truth of our sensitivity.


This book is my gift and cheers to US, the SuperFeelers!

Learn about the 4 types of SuperFeelers, take the Assessment, Feel your Feelings, Celebrate You, and Create the Thrive Lifestyle...bonus section for Parents of SuperFeeler Kids


It was the one area of my life I thought I could be proud of and rely

But I never seemed to get enough back. And I felt taken advantage of much of the time...I began to feel resentful.

Yet, at the end of the day, I convinced myself it was better to be nice...even though I continued to be plagued with not feeling enough.  

The day came when I realized I was creating my life...I was attracting narcissists or very selfish people who kept the story I believed about myself...ALIVE. 

OverGiving & OverTaking are equal in frequency, both unhealthy. 

OVERGIVING is NOT healthy for YOU or those you love.
Learn how to empower, rather than exhaust yourself and disempower. It starts with appreciating and loving YOU.

We are going to break the cycle of overgiving, along with the mindset that believes it must overgive.

Create balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and in your intimate partnership too.


Are a turtle or a lion in conflict?

Do you have language skills for the times you are triggered or emotionally charged? If you do, you avert defensiveness and create harmony.


I guide you with incredible ego calming phrases, for both you and your mate. You and your partner can balance and learn from each other.


Life is not a fairytale, but we can create as many fairytale moments as we want. You are worth it and so is your relationship. Most of us were not taught or did not have healthy communication modeled to us. This simple, with illustrations workbook guide is meant to guide you to create more fairytale moments, lasting comfort and ease, and fulfillment in your relationship through Amazing Communication exercises.

I have some amazing exercises for fostering love from The Love Chapter and developing natural habits toward and with each other. And, I reveal some profound lessons from Adam & Eve! You might be shocked!

We can't forget the Weekly Ritual you can start doing right now that will make you both feel heard, thus loved, and open you both up to deeper depths of intimacy and fun!

Common proclivities for men and women will offer tremendous insight and wisdom for moving forward with less judgment toward each other, but instead be able to offer more grace.


Could you have peace in the midst of anxious situations and people?...not depending upon anything outside yourself to be a certain way in order to experience peace?

Could you trust yourself and your own divine wisdom, feeling confident in your decisions?

Could you be psych med pill free?

I believe the answer is “yes.” 

I discovered Heaven Within, thus Ending Suffering. Indeed, as this book points out, life has pain, but suffering is a choice. 

In this workbook, I highlight the foundational teachings of Buddha & Jesus.

Be challenged to take a hard look at what you believe and how these beliefs cause you to suffer.

Interact with these profound teachings, meditate and pray with their precepts, and discover how heaven/nirvana is a mindset away.


Forgiveness does not make sense to the ego mind.


Ego cannot access grace or understanding.

Ego cannot see or feel the realities of humanity.

Ego cannot concern itself with the suffering of others.

Ego can only see and feel its own pain.


Ego seeks revenge or feels hurt when it feels threatened by others.


Which is why FORGIVENESS seems overwhelming, unfair, and impossible.


Some people try to forgive, because they believe it is the right thing to do.


Your Higher Self can genuinely forgive, liberating yourself and possibly your oppressor (if they choose).


I invite you to join me on the journey toward high altitude living, forgiveness.


This is a tall mountain to climb.

Take your time.

Stop for oxygen as needed.

You will reach the peak.

I will be there to celebrate with you.


Forgiveness can become your state of being toward Self & Others.

You will no longer take offense by anyone’s actions.

You will no longer take anything personally.

You will no longer give your power away.

You will be free.


Grieving goes beyond the sadness from the loss of someone we love.

I was shocked to learn the necessity of grieving on my healing journey.

We must grieve the hurt and pain caused to us.

We must grieve the hurt and pain we may have caused to others.

We allow the feelings of sadness, regret, disappointment, and hurt...I cried for 3 days straight once...and then I was done...but the point is that I ALLOWED IT. 

Our higher selves can witness our grief.

Our grief wants to be seen.

After our higher selves have seen and offered love to the hurt aspect of us,

we are free to move forward empowered.

HLCT HeartWorkU Life Coach Training Manual
(for the in-person or online course)




You not only receive the training,
but also quick access transformative tools! 


ROOT IN YOUR RESILIENCE REMEDIES & RESOURCES that build a positive, strong, lifelong foundation in your clients.

Our clients say: "I will never go back to counseling." 


Because our Resilience Remedies work immediately. People feel really good about themselves right away. 


From this Inner Place of Strength & Resilience, people thrive and can witness their wounds, make decisions, and create their lives.

Your clients will too! WE have the tools for you.

You won't be trained and left on your own.

You can lead your clients through any of our


Learn and practice RESILIENCE coaching tools and techniques.
Deepen your own life and relationship with both your Soul Self and you wounded ego within, that desperately needs to be seen and loved.


The core foundation of HWU coaching:

  • YOU are not what happened to you.

  • YOU are not your feelings or negative thoughts.

  • YOU are not the wounded ego or wounded Inner child within.

  • YOU are your Higher Self, Soul Self, Authentic Self

  • Your Higher Self is pure LOVE and WITNESSES all of your thoughts and feelings with love.

  • Experiences, thoughts and feelings don’t change WHO YOU ARE.

  • Ego Identifies. Ego judges and reacts to your beautiful feelings.

  • We can mistakenly believe ego....this is where things go awry: identifying, listening to, misinterpreting our feelings, and making decisions from ego 

For more infomation about the course:
Contact ME


I am in awe of nature. 

I see a flower and I want to crawl inside of her. 

Can I intimately breathe in her fragrance?

Can I swirl in her aura?

Maybe we are one, the flower and I.

May I walk with her essence. 

Nature helps me remember who I am, have gratitude for our Creator, and to offer myself and others nurturance, as I would a beautiful flower.

May the Art of Flower Bathing be a beautiful place to be inspired and write whatever your heart desires to say for the day.

This journal contains quotes from the poet Wordsworth. 


guided questions within an autobiographical self-help book


It is true, we reap what we sow.

Do you sow thoughts of:

  • self doubt and not feeling good enough

  • worry and anxiety

  • feeling alone

  • past hurts run cyclically in your head?

Because YOU are greater than these thoughts, YOU have the power to change them. 

This book tackles the beliefs you are sowing.manifesting that are reaping/attracting your current life and HOW to transform them into the life and Divine Purpose intended for you, without religious dogma.

Experience faith in yourself in a whole new light, the light of love. 

You reap what you sow.  Galatians 5:7


I felt like I was on an endless search for my knight.

I was kind and loving, but no one seemed to appreciate it.

What was wrong with me?  Was I not good enough?

I had a faith that said I was suppose to be free.  I was far from free. I did not love me and that had everything to do with why I could not find my knight. This is not a religious tale, but Spirit whispers as I slowly discover who I really am.     

If you have self-doubt...if you feel lonely and frustrated, and question whether love is in the cards for you

You will see yourself in me.  You will laugh and cry with me. And hopefully you will find your knight too for your Knight is available right now.  Your Journey could begin today.

HeartBreak to Wholeness

an autobiographical tale


 When we feel Valued, Seen, & Heard,
we feel LOVED.

Introducing my 12 Magnetic Valuable Verb cards!

Place the cards in order from how you most feel valued with this particular Verb, to how you least feel valued.

You just learned a ton about yourself, and now you get to share this with your loved ones. Have them do it too.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER a pack for you, your family, and friends. 


Valuable Verbs

Enjoy these Quick Power-Packed Videos


OverGiving Hurts Relationships / Triggered In Conflict / Nice Guys Finish 1st


Being tired of your current status is a great sign, its time to fuel your efforts in the right direction, feeling good again, feeling inspired, anticipating each day. You can heal and overcome. If I did it, and many others (check out testimonials), you can do it too!

What PeoPle Say

"Kim, You are awesome!  Just wanted to tell you how grateful and blessed I am to have stumbled across your group and life coaching.  It's like the female version of hitched. Thank you for helping me transform my life." - divorced Dad who was ready to give up on love, but is now enjoying a passionate relationship

— Troy H.  Idaho

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