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Flower in Sunlight

Hummingbird Healing

Energy Detox & Release
with Intuitive Wisdom
to calm your nervous system,
release toxic energies
and stimulate your chakra centers

Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity for your body and soul.

You cannot heal from a contracted state. These experiences RELAX you and calm your nervous system so you can release toxic energies, and stimulate your beautiful chakra centers. It’s time to show up in the world in your vibrancy! 


I understand the need to attend to the body for complete healing too. As I am guided with the various offerings, Divine Intuitive Wisdom will flow through me for your guidance.


As Joseph Campbell eloquently wrote: The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

How would it feel to step fully into you?

Reiki Treatment

Let's design your healing touch experience of an Energetic Love Bath with the following modalities:

Chakra Balance, 
Color Therapy, 
Sound Bowls,
Healing Touch
-scalp, feet, & hands
pressure points,
Intuitive Wisdom,
Guidance Card Draw

$40 for 30 mins
$70 for 1 hour


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