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1.  Do you feel this way  on a consistent basis: Stifled, broken, angry, alone, hurt, resentful, depressed, abandoned, wrong, not enough

2.  Do you ever say, “I can’t help it, that is how I was raised.” or “ I am a loser.”

3.  Do you find yourself getting your feelings hurt often or needing attention or approval from the world or a date/mate?\

4.  When you recall events from your past that were painful, are they still painful and emote the same painful feelings you experienced then?

5.  Do you find yourself repeating the same sad stories from your childhood (in your head or out loud)?

6.  Do you find yourself repeating the hurts someone inflicted upon you (in your head or out loud)? or have you just shut them down?

7.  Do you choose to not forgive those who have hurt you? or do you blame yourself for being so stupid?

8.  Do you continue to blame a mate, an ex-mate, yourself or your parents for your present life and circumstances (in your head or out loud)?

9.  Do you feel shame about any past experiences?


Healing these past wounds allows you to engage in healthy relationships, without all of this junk in your trunk. Stuffing these things keeps them there, wreaking havoc during times of conflict, hurt, loneliness etc. 


The following courses guide you to feel reveal and heal. 

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