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Take the 3 Step Dater's Assessment

1. The Seeker
What % do the statements below resonate with you:

1. I notice patterns that keep repeating in my dating experiences.
2. I seem to be dating the same type of people over and over again with lackluster, disappointing results.
3. It seems my Match is not out there.
4. Dating feels more like a headache and frustrating.
5. I do not feel appreciated for who I am by my dates.
6. I feel like I attract the wrong people.
7. It seems honesty is missing in dating.
8. I am afraid of settling.
9. I am afraid to be vulnerable.
10. I fear finding the One may not be in the cards for me.
11. I feel like my picker is faulty.
12. Things seem to go great in the beginning and then they fizzle.
13. I am ghosted often or they simply disappear without explanation.
14. I am having a hard time trusting.

15. I question my self-worth and or I self-doubt my abilities.

16. I am tired of giving and not receiving.
17. I feel like I lose my good sense the second I start dating.
18. My heart has been broken and I do not think I can bear another heart-break again.
19. I need my date to validate, approve, or like me.
20. I am chivalrous but women do not seem to appreciate it.
21. I am tired of all the drama in relationships and dating.
22. Dating and/or relationship feels like so much work, too much.
23. I labor over creating my online profile?
24. I harbor negative stereotypes toward my dating pool (or my partner).
25. I am waiting to really live (follow my heart) until I find my mate.
26. I feel unfulfilled and hope that a relationship will fulfill me.

27. I feel like I am being taken advantage of.
28. I feel like I lose myself when I begin dating.

29. I have a hard time recovering from rejection of any kind, whether it be from a new date that ghosts me or from a longer dating situation.
30. I become defensive, hurt, or uncertain when I feel someone may not like who I am.
31. I feel like I cannot have my true heart’s desire in a mate.
32. I question myself rather than trust my instincts when dating.
33. I have regrets or resentments from past dating or relationship experiences that I have a tough time getting over.
34. I am unsure of dating rules and if I should follow any: when to text, have sex, how much should I share,whether we are moving too fast or too slow, who pays, when I should stay or go.

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2. The Superhero
What % do the statements below resonate with you:

1. I enjoy Dating.

2. It is fun meeting new people.

3. Dating is an opportunity to have fun and create adventures.

4. Dating is an opportunity for self-growth and reflection.

5. Dating is an opportunity to learn more about myself and others.

6. I am confident in myself and love being me.

7. I don’t take anything personally for I cannot possibly know what may be going on for others.

8. When someone acts out in poor behavior, I understand that they have an unexpressed feeling, hurt, or resentment brewing inside, it has nothing to do with me.

9. I am picky about who I allow into my space.

10. I have strong, healthy boundaries because I care about me and it is confident and loving to do so, enabling is not healthy.
11. I know my certain compatibility requirements and I hold firm to what is most important to me. My absolutes are not 


12. I enjoy my life right now and a relationship would be the cherry on top.
13. I am honest and kind in my communication when I need to move on.
14. I have unconditional love confidence in myself and my dating skills:  I text/communicate and stay or go with confidence, 

while being fully honest and kind with my dates about how I feel.

15. No one can steal my joy or peace because it unshakeable and I know who I am.
16. Other people’s opinion of me does not matter. 
17. I understand that no one can reject me. Rejection of myself is the only real possibility. 
18. I trust and believe the right one will arrive. 
19. Being Me is Pleasing enough.
20. Being Authentically Me is all the validation I will ever need. 
21. I believe wholeheartedly in the Law of Attraction/You Reap What You Sow, it is how the Universe is created and I believe my Authentic Self is Irresistible to my match.

3. Understanding Your Results
Which assessment had the highest %, The seeker or super hero?


If many of the seeker statements resonated with you, you've got some Heartwork to do.

Taking assessments can cause us to dive into shame or judgement of ourselves.

Stop right now.

You are here seeking, this is great.

Offer yourself compassion.

I was once here. Every single statement resonated with me. Now none of them do.

You have created massive awareness and now you know where you want to go.  These are steps 1 & 2 of your empowerment!


If many of the SuperHero statements resonated with you, AWESOME!

You should probably join my team so we can empower more daters to step into their magnificent Authentic selves.

If you still would like to unleash more of your SuperHero, read on.

If you want to unleash your Superhero

The next step is to enroll in a course or book a call with us so we can unleash your amazing self that is lying dormant inside of you and start moving you in the direction of your dreams.

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