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Saguaro Soul
You Can't Steal My Smile!

Children's Book Series

Soulful Stories that Bloom in the Desert

Book 1

I Want Prickles Too!

Sag the Saguaro noticed Anton's eyebrows were crinkled. Anton wanted to be like Sag, tall and green with pointy prickles. Sag knew exactly what to do. On a mixed media canvas with real life imagery and illustration, Anton felt surprised at how different Saguaros could be. It was fun to see! In the end he realizes, "Being ME is GREAT! I have neat traits!"

Book 2

Roe the Rabbit LOST His Happy Hop

Roe loses his happy hop when he feels afraid, but he discovers it's okay, his fear is fast, it does not last.

Brilliant Resiliency

Modeling & Teaching Resilience

How do children know they are resilient and can handle the trials of life? Life includes “10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows,” as a famous spiritual teacher wisely said. We must prepare children for life not by overly protecting and indulging, but by modeling and teaching them to know they are resilient and have the power to receive all life brings.

We can create empowered children through the playful and profound stories of Sag the Saguaro and his desert friends. Resilience appears as they process the many fleeting feelings they experience in a day, in a healthy way.

Children need to know they have been designed by the Supreme Creator to have a resilient nature within, to believe in themselves and their own power and love, believe in their Soul, no matter what they may feel or is going on in the world around them…nothing can steal their smile!

Your Desert Friends,

Kim O the Relational Soul Coach,

and Nicolas Flowers the Soulful Artist

Book 3

Jeena the Javelina Forgets
& Her Friends Forgive

Jeena, in her haste, had no time to waste, she only thought of herself when she needed help. Walter the Wren and Priscilla the Prickly Pear came to her rescue, but Jeena realized she could still care, after she hadn't been fair. 

Ophelia the Owl asked, “I’ve heard you tell us, the Supreme Creator gave us hearts with a soul, you know. I know I have a heart, I feel it beating, but what is a Soul?” Sag the Saguaro replied, "Questions are like opening a door, into a place we’ve never been before. We don’t know what we will find, but it will be so fun to imagine with our minds." Ophelia ponders in wonder and discovers...she does know...about her Soul…

Book 4

Ophelia the Owl wonders:
What is a Soul?

Book 5

Sloan the SuperFeeler Snake
has a Quiet Birthday Party

Roe the Rabbit wants to have a loud crazy party, while Walter the Wren wants to invite the entire desert to join in the festivities. Sag reminds his friends that Sloan does not celebrate in the same way they do, she needs time alone.

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