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*Acknowledge your feelings    *Create direction     *Move forward equipped

Which questions resonate with you?

  1. Do you feel valued, seen or heard?

  2. Do you feel as if you need to give up your needs and desires in order to have a relationship?

  3. Do you feel like you are being taken advantage of?

  4. Are you afraid or not confident in expressing your true feelings because it may upset your mate?

  5. Do you bend yourself in anyway you can to make your mate happy, setting aside your own true desires?

  6. Do you feel like you have to be perfect in order to please your mate and have a relationship?

  7. Do you harbor resentment or do you find yourself irritated and shut down or complain, and this makes you both feel bad?

  8. Do you feel your mate is not holding up their end of the bargain?

  9. Does your partner feel like the above and possibly asked for coaching/counseling and you dismissed him/her? (you may have been completely oblivious to their feelings)

If the above questions resonate with you, you both have some HeartWork to do to restore this relationship.  Even if only one of you is willing, trust in the personal power of healing to create a you change...your partner will change...Love Never Fails.

The Differences in Hetero Men & Women

and what they generally need (take what resonates):


Masculine Men need to be Admired and Appreciated - it is like putting high octane fuel in their gas tank. They will leap tall buildings for their Woman.  This is deeply rooted in their DNA in a much stronger way than it is for women.


Feminine Women need Leadership/Confidence and Cherishing -  and most men overdo one or the other, creating major frustration for women and they can become irritable and other negative consequences.  Women need their Man to demonstrate their love, prove their love.  


Your harmonious relationship depends on learning, valuing and honoring these leanings with healthy communication, boundaries, and compromise with each other! We can help you do it!

Hugging Couple in Nature

The Challenges for Singles & Couples:  
Many of you were not equipped with healthy relationship communication skills.
Thus you fall into blame, shame, anger, or other ugly
Passive aggressive shut-down negative behaviors

Many of you blur the line between healthy compromise and over-giving.
Thus you hold resentment or are confused and feel under-appreciated or wrong

Many of you have insecurities, self-doubt, fear of being alone, and do not feel whole.
Thus we depend too heavily on our partner, causing unhealthy neediness , expectations and
Are prone to over-please in an insecure way which feels really heavy on our date or partner

Create a solid foundation that cannot broken.
Learn about YOU and build you up.
Everything good flows from there.  

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