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Did You Settle?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

With the Divorce rate higher than ever and unhappy relationships prevalent, we can assume there are a lot of people settling. When one person settles, the other person is settling too.

When life is missing something, when we are lonely, sad, or looking for something outside of ourselves to feel good, we will put up with or tolerate things we would rather not and possibly should not.

Settling means we abandon our true hearts desires, thinking it is not really possible to fulfill our deepest longing. We give up on ourselves in a sense. We have forgotten our magnificence. Settling needs to stop!

A phrase came to mind that was popular when I was a kid. We used it when someone acted stupid or did something dumb (our childhood adjectives) and we vented it toward the misbehaving person, because they were irritating and annoying us. The phrase also happens to be the solution to Why We Settle. And, in this instance, the insensitive side of me wants to say, “quit being dumb,” and


Dear ones, stop the settling and go out there and get the life you want. Do life, and do it well. Jump on the Higher Self train and get a life. Intentionally move forward by following your curiosities and erupt the passions that have been lying dormant within your heart. Recovery from settling by getting a life will be a thrilling time. You will find Authentic You as you get your life. The unique You that only you can be. There is nothing greater than being authentic you. Authentic you does not settle because Authentic you has peace and joy and would not compromise their happiness for someone else. Authentic you makes a great date and magnetizes a great date back to you, naturally.


Avoid yourself altogether and repeat your patterns.

You can spend your free time reading profiles, swiping, texting, dating, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Why waste all that time when you could be living? Living vibrantly and whole.

Next time you hear yourself or someone say, “I’m sick of dating,” say, “Great, date yourself. Try a new hobby. Take a class. Discover who you really are and what you’re made of.”

Why We Settle Overview

  1.  We don’t know ourselves.

  2.  We don’t know that we are amazing, so we want someone else to come along and convince us.

  3. We are bored, lonely, sad, etc.

  4. We don’t have a life.

  5. We don’t value ourselves and so we fail to have compatibility requirements and boundaries.

  6. Our partner is “nice” and we do not want to hurt him/her.

No More Settling.

Dive into You!

Contact Me! I love questions!

"As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart."Proverbs 26:19

With Accountability, Love, and some Fun,


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