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Are You Picky & Filter Quickly?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

If you are worried about being too Picky, this blog is for you. 

I've coached plenty of men and women who are concerned that they may appear too mean or their behavior could be deemed "not nice," as they consider having requirements for relationship and sticking to them.

The real meanies don't care. They don't consider such thoughts as worrying about what other people think of them. This blog is not for them.

You need more backbone.

You have acquiesced long enough.

You have let others, dates, partners take advantage of you.

You have mistakenly put aside your needs and desires, thinking you are being nice or giving for the sake of someone else.


  • You do deserve to do and have what is best for you.

  • You can ask to have your needs and desires met.

  • It is healthy to be confident and assured in who you are and what you want.

It is your goal to bring out your nifty, picky side. It is unfortunate some still consider this as arrogant or mean by women more specifically because they expresses what they need and want with confidence, which is what I am really talking about here.

Not Enough Picky & Filter Quickly in Dating!

Too often, I hear daters ask me, "Am I being too picky? They were really nice." And they proceed to ignore some huge red flags flying in their eyes because their prospective date has been "nice."

RED means STOP. Go no further. We learned this in kindergarten.

The reason you keep magnetizing / reaping dates that have red flags is because you keep tolerating those red flags. You are not holding true to what you want. One of the most important courses I teach is my Compatibility Course. I title it:

ABSOLUTELY Know What You Want.

Here's the deal. I am all about You Reap What You Sow because it is how the Universe works. It is what science calls the Law of Attraction, so if we're going to be friends, let's get some things straight. You reap what you sow governs our Universe, including your dating and relationship results. When you do not hold true to your Absolute requirements for what you need, want, and desire in a relationship, that is a low frequency. Frequency attracts like frequency. You will attract the Red Flag people because you do not hold a high sowing standard, a confident dating perspective that says:

  • I'm worth it.

  • I can honor my heart's desires.

  • I matter and receive a willing partner, not a perfect partner.

  • I choose a partner that meets ALL of my ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENTS for Relationship!

This means, if you want to reap your keeper, you have to hold true to you.

Dudes and Dudettes, this is where it gets serious, but don't stress. Start practicing today. Check out my website and peruse my empowering library, because you will get tons of motivation there. I actually have this amazing tool called the Compatibility Compass which you will learn about in my main Unleash Your SuperHero course. It is seriously the most simple and profound tool for guiding you to know exactly what you want.

My own story of my dating life was an exact representation of my confidence in who I was and what I wanted. The more confident, the closer and closer my dates came to look like my ideal match. I was absolutely not going to settle this time. I held strong. Guess what? He came! I reaped my keeper.

You can too. It really is possible.

Hope to see you soon - standing tall and confident in who you are, with your Keeper walking beside you!

Contact Me! I love Questions!

With Accountability, Love, and some Fun,

Kim O

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