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FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real


Face Everything And Rise


Fear Everything And Run

Another Good One:

False Evidence Appearing Real

Over a decade ago, when a spiritual teacher shared with me the above acronyms, I trusted him enough to believe him. My way hadn't been working. I was drowning in anxiety, depression, and worry. He was happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. Being tired of my condition, I took a chance at putting these words into bold action steps.

The first step was this Mantra for myself:

Face Your Fears Until You Don't Have Any.

I started off simple, by hiking alone in Phoenix, the hotbed of rattlesnakes. Certainly I stayed on the trails. I did a little research too. A little preparation is WISE. Rattlers don't want to run into us either. They hunt at night. They hibernate during the winter. They feel our vibrations as we walk and will skedaddle before we reach them. Their rattle is a preemptive warning for us to stay away, so don't have your earbuds too loud.

I never even saw a rattler for years. One day, I was walking with a friend and before we rounded the corner, we could hear his ominous rattle. Yep, he was ready to strike. But we heard him, so we walked quite a distance from him and continued on our merry way. I did thank him telepathically for letting us know. One fear faced, many to go.

Next, I decided to vacation alone. I had a puzzle of the United States and Canada. The plan: throw the pieces into the air, then close my eyes and pick one. British Columbia was the winner. Buchart Gardens was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, among other wonders on Victoria island. I even zip lined 1000 feet up in the forest, which I will never do again, but I can say I did it.

Then there were the internal fears to face. One night I looked over at my bottle of Xanax. I kept a few in my pocket wherever I went just in case I might start to feel icky. With enough empowerment tools in my arsenal, I felt ready to make my boldest move yet. I flushed them down the toilet. I didn't want them to be an option. On my way to truly believing in me, this would make great practice. The mantra I repeated more than any other the first few days was a Bible verse I knew by heart from childhood: "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world."

In my heart, I translated the meaning to mean: Nothing is greater than the Divine power within me. Not Xanax, not my fear, not my anxiety, not my thoughts...NOTHING! I am now 12 years free! I never took another Xanax or any other hellish psych med ever again!

Here's a few AWESOME things to know about fear, the wounded fearful ego within, and your Higher Self:

Fear is a creation of the ego.

Ego actually is a misguided protector, because ego thinks it is protecting you.

Ego requires you to contract and play small.

Your Higher Self (Divine, True, Soul, Self) is LOVE not fear and Love is more powerful than fear, every time. This, you can count on.

When your Higher Self faces your fears, fear loses its power. Mantras and affirmations are a fantastic fear busting practice. You are creating empowered beliefs and stories. Every time you speak the truth, with love as your foundation, you are destroying the fear template within and coding a new empowered template.

Do you have an internal or external fear that keeps coming up?

This is a wounded ego aspect of you that wants to be seen.

What new empowered messaged can you offer this ego aspect of you?

Fearful ego does not even know you have a Soul, full of love and wisdom. Is it time to have a conversation and make an introduction?

Ego talks are under the mantra and affirmation umbrella. Along with your declarations, have chats with the wounded ego within. Let ego share ego concerns and fears, and then tell ego the truth.

Practice, Practice Practice!

If you like this topic and want to understand more, my workbook: What is ego? is a superb resource for only $15.99 on Amazon.

Spending one on one time with me is a treasure and your fast track to Soulful living. I'd love to hear from you!

With Love, Service, and Fun,

Kim O

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