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Do you have a Kick-Butt Online Dating Profile and Pic?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Here you are ready to date.

You have to do the task of writing your online profile.

You ask yourself the plethora of brain draining questions:

What picture should I choose?

What should I say?

How much do I reveal?

How about my Username? Something catchy? I don't want to sound corny?

Let us begin with the picture, because a picture does speak a thousand words.

The Picture

  • Choose a picture that causes you to say, "That's totally me." 

  • Authenticity is key in dating and really life success, so let's pick a pic that says You. 

  • Which means: Fly Your Freak Flag! Your Keeper is going to love your quirks! No hiding them! Flaunt them!

  • Selfies are actually acceptable when done with decent lighting, clothes on and without sunglasses hiding your eyes. 

  • Avoid the sterile business professional shots. 

  • Choose a shot where your smile and eyes are fully visible. 

  • Or, if you have a hobby you are nuts about and you hope to attract a partner that enjoys that hobby too, choose one where you are actually doing it - whether it be golfing, hiking, ballroom dancing, cooking or whatever.

  • No Surprises. This is common courtesy. Pics must be recent.

Prerequisite Questions to ask before pic picking:

(It is possible you have your life on point, but when it comes to dating, you are a mess and insecurities plague you. If this is your situation, answer the following questions with regard to your dating life only.)

  • Are you a joyful person most of the time?

  • Are you a peaceful person most of the time?

  • Are you excited to date because it will be a fun adventure?

  • Is your life happy and full and your partner will be the cherry on top of your happy life sundae?

  • Are you stressed most of the time?

  • Is your life empty, unfulfilling and lacking in something most of the time?

  • Are you needy, desperate, or lonely most of the time and you can't wait to find someone to love you and you love them?

  • Did you just come out of a relationship and you need to date for revenge or you just need to feel better about yourself quick - someone new will surely fit the bill?

If you answered YES to the first 4 questions, Great! You get to continue to pick out a pic and create your online profile with my gracious stamp of approval.

If you answered NO to the first 4 questions and YES to the last 4 questions, you have some serious HeartWorkU to consider doing before you continue. If you do not embody the mindset of the first 4 questions, dating is going to be brutal on you.

  • You see, YES to the first 4 questions indicate to me that you are in your High Swag Sowing Dating Frequency for life and dating. You are prepared. You are going to reap some fun, healthy experiences and your keeper.

  • If you choose to go ahead and give the dating game a swing while you answered YES to the bottom 4, you will most likely experience some strike outs and want to walk your way home. When we go into dating unprepared, like so many, many people do, it can be a real nightmare. Like attracts like. Your will also attract people who answered YES to the lower 4 questions. We truly reap what we sow. Those thoughts have got to go. There is no getting around it. UNLESS:

You change what you sow!

This is not a blog meant to judge you...NO NO NO, it is meant to Awaken and Encourage you to move in a different direction if needed, to change what you think about and what you believe about yourself and others.

What is this frequency talk/reaping what you sow?

Frequency is the energy you have deep inside of you. For many people, we find resentment, hurt, unforgiveness, pain, anger, and many other emotions and feelings wrapped around unresolved conflicts. Most people think they are getting away with hiding these unpleasant things. The only problem is that the Universe does not hide them. The Universe works off of a perfect plan of energy and that everything is energy with a frequency. These unresolved conflicts are energy and they emanates out of you whether you like it or not, attracting/reaping like frequencies.

You may not have been expecting a blog to talk about frequency and unresolved conflicts with regard to your online profile pic, but I cannot short change you. You are about to step into a war zone without armor if you continue to nonchallantly approach dating.

Your pic must represent YOU. You must ask, Who Am I? I hope to encourage you to ask those tough questions and raise your frequency by investing in you first before investing in creating that Online Profile.

Check out my affordable and awesome courses and coaching at my school HeartWorkUniversity.

Contact Me! I love Questions!

With Accountability, Love, and some Fun,

 Kim O

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