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Did you know that Men are thoughtful, honest, and eager to please you?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019


You don't believe me?

Well, it's time to start.

Your mindset, the thoughts you are sowing, controls your destiny.

Did you know that?

Do you notice that whatever you are trying to create in your life, whether it be more money, a better career, lose weight, eat healthier, reap your keeper...every teacher, leader, or coach worth their salt will always approach changing your mindset. It is foundational. It is where any movement toward our goal, begins.

Let's look at the concept of: you reap what you sow.

What life have you been sowing thus reaping?

Is it working? Is it creating your fruitful harvest?

Is it honoring you?

Think about how your current and past mindset toward Men has served you. What type of Men have you been reaping with your mindset?

Allow me to guide you into sowing a healthy mindset toward dating because we are in a Universe that operates from You Reap What You Sow / the Law of Attraction. What we believe, we receive. When you begin to believe that men are thoughtful, honest, and eager to please you, they will arrive.

I know you are asking how the heck you can believe such a statement when it has not been your reality. Be prepared to embrace this concept with practice. It takes practice to shift your mindset. Your imagination may need to kick in. Let your former lackluster dating results be the fuel to create a new mindset. Step into knowing that you must change your frequency by sowing new thoughts because, this energy emanates from the beliefs you have inside of you in, order to reap your keeper.

The #1 way I suggest you believe the magnificent statement about men is that you first believe:

  • I am amazing.

  • I am worth it.

When you can believe these things about yourself wholeheartedly, it will be natural to expect a thoughtful, honest, and eager to please man will arrive.

2 Big Truths:

  • When we believe we deserve such a man, we can have such a man.

  • No one can love you more than you love yourself.

Knowing you are the bomb diggety will transform your love life on a dime.

It is time to care for you, deeply and beautifully. As you care for you, your man will come and desire to care for you deeply and beautifully too.

Contact Me! I love Questions!

With Accountability, Love, and some Fun,

 Kim O

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