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Are You Attracting the Wounded?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I would love to commiserate with you as you share about your last date and how much baggage he had. I would shake my head with you and say, "Yeah, you don't want to deal with all of that. Move on. You deserve better."

I could do that, but to honor myself and you, I must take it one step further. As your momentary coach while you read this blog, I would have to lovingly ask you, "Have you checked your own bags lately?"

Here's the deal: Baggage Attracts/ Baggage.

If you are keeping your old wounds alive (stuffing and numbing them keep them alive, so does listening to your automatic negative talk - ANTS), you are sowing thus reaping a harvest that supports this endeavor.

We don't want to admit that to be true because that would mean I am just like the person I just dissed on my date. But it is true. You simply have a different brand of baggage.

Ouch Kim, that sounds brutal!

I know, I know. But dear ones, how are we going to get anywhere unless we look truth in the eyes.

What is baggage? 

Baggage is the hidden things deep inside of us:

  • the insecurities we try to hide

  • the self-doubt feelings we stuff

  • the pain that still hurts from past unfairnesses or unloving things done to us that we have not forgiven or resolved.

Baggage is unresolved conflicts stewing deep down inside. They have not been processed.

To our dismay, this baggage has energy. As science teaches us, energy has a frequency and it moves. This is the Law of Attraction and it governs the Universe. The energy you have inside of you is your baggage and it has a frequency that goes out of you and attracts like frequency.

This is good news - if you are interested in growing and stepping into your freedom as the vibrant person you are! Your dating can be a barometer to see where you are. I guarantee, if you took a moment to look back on your past experiences and you have done any self-growth training, you will see a like progression reflected in your dates.

Attracting baggage while dating is your barometer. It is your sign to go inward and check your own bags.

I recently saw a post on Facebook from an acquaintance:

I am a happy person with a heavy soul.

I was actually happy to see this post by this person because it means she is self-reflecting. She is beginning the process of acknowledging her own baggage. When we acknowledge those heavy things inside of us, then we can feel them and release them. It is when we continue to do life and ignore that they are there, that they cause trouble. Unbeknownst to her, she has been reaping other heavy souls who have not attended to their baggage either. This person can be absolutely hilarious and fun, but indeed she has a heavy soul. I believe in her. I see her on the path and I am excited for her as she continues to awaken to her beautiful self.

You can too!

I scratched the surface today. Hopefully you take a moment to check your own bags.

Head on over to my website, it's a great resource, you can learn so much there. HeartWorkUniversity is my online school of affordable and awesome courses and coaching.

Contact Me, I love Questions!

With Accountability, Love, and some Fun,

Kim O

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