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No personality type is your perfect match, and no one is perfect.
Each type has AWESOME traits,
and each type has ANNOYING, icky ones.

Conflict & struggle arise from:

-unrealistic expectations in our dates and mates,
-not taking the opportunities to help each other embrace our personality strengths and balance our weaknesses

Knowing the types of me and my mate and using the communication techniques taught in the HWU coaching & curriculum, has created massive understanding and alleviated conflict in our relationship.
It is a relationship saver, sustainer, and sexifier!  

Love and Happiness

The Strengths & Weaknesses of each type
(according to

INTJ - The Architect


-quick,imaginative,and strategic mind

-high self-confidence

-independent and decisive

-hard-working and determined


--jacks of all trades




-overly analytical

-loathe highly structured environments

ENTJ - The Commander






-strategic thinkers

-charismatic and inspiring


-stubborn and dominant




-poor handling of emotions

-cold and ruthless

ENTP - The Debater



-quick thinkers


-excellent brainstormers




-very argumentative



-can find it difficult to focus

-dislike practical matters

INTP - The Logician


-great analysts and

abstract thinkers

-imaginative and original




-honest and straightforward



-very private and withdrawn




-loathe rules and guidelines

-second-guess themselves


INFJ - The Advocate




-inspiring and convincing


-determined and passionate



-extremely private


-always need to have a cause

-can burn out easily


INFP - The Mediator



-seek and value harmony

-open-minded and flexible

-very creative

-passionate and energetic

-dedicated and hard-working


-too idealistic

-too altruistic


-dislike dealing with data

-take things personally

-difficult to get to know


ENFJ - The Protagonist






-natural leaders


-overly idealistic

-too selfless

-too sensitive

-fluctuating self-esteem

-struggle to make tough decisions

ENFP - Campaigner




-energetic and enthusiastic

-excellent communicators

-know how to relax

-very popular and friendly


-poor practical skills

-find it difficult to focus

-overthink things

-get stressed easily

-highly emotional

-independent to a fault

The personality information in this tab is based upon the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) information,

the website, and my own experience and knowledge.  

ISTJ - The Logistician


-honest and direct

-strong-willed and dutiful

-very responsible

-calm and practical

-create and enforce order

-jacks of all trades




-always by the book


-often unreasonably blame themselves

ISFJ - The Defender



-reliable and patient

-imaginative and observant


-loyal and hard-working

-good and practical skills


-humble and shy

-take things too personally

-repress their feelings

-overload themselves

-reluctant to change

-too altruistic

ESTJ - The Executive




-direct and honest

-loyal, patient, and reliable

-enjoy creating order

-excellent organizers


-inflexible and stubborn

-uncomfortable with unconventional situations


-too focused on social status

-difficult to relax

-difficulty expressing emotion

ESFJ - The Consul


-strong practical skills

-strong sense of duty

-very loyal

-sensitive and warm

-good at connecting with others



-worried about their social status


-reluctant to innovate or improvise

-vulnerable to criticism

-often too needy

-too selfless

ISTP - The Virtuoso


-optimistic and energetic

-creative and practical

-spontaneous and rational

-know how to prioritize

-great in a crisis





-private and reserved

-easily bored

-dislike commitment

-risky behavior

ISFP - The Adventurer



-sensitive to others






-fiercely independent


-easily stressed

-overly competitive

-fluctuating self-esteem

ESTP - The Entrepreneur



-rational and practical










-may miss the bigger picture


ESFP - The Entertainer




-aesthetics and showmanship



-excellent people skills




-easily bored

-poor long-term planners


Let's celebrate our uniquenesses, stop making each other wrong, and help each other be better.

These HeartWorkU Workbooks plant you strongly in your personality and give you the tools to understand yourself and your dates and mates; especially in conflict, compatibility & compromise:

What is ego?

More Fairytale Moments


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