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Read the following questions and consider
how much they resonate with how you feel:

1. Imagine you and your mate (or future mate, ex-mate, a close friend, or family member):

Who do you care for more?
Who is more important in your eyes?

2. Are you known as a giving/kind/loving person? (People describe you in this way?)
Do you feel you are doing right by being loving and willing to give however you can?
And yet, you find yourself wondering why others don't give to you?
When will you be cared for?

3. Do you feel taken advantage of by friends, family, dates, or your mate/ex-mate?  Thus...

4. Do you secretly harbor resentment?

5. Do you love those you care for, but you are getting worn out?

6. Do you not feel worthy or brave enough to ask for what you need or desire?
Are you the one to always give in or compromise?
And are you afraid of other's reactions if you do begin to stand up for yourself?

7. Do you feel the harmony of the relationship rests on you? 
You have to make sure everyone feels happy and cared for?
Otherwise it may fall apart or not work out well?

8. Do you feel confident in making requirements or boundaries for how you need to be treated or communicated with?

9. Do you keep others accountable for their actions or lack of action?

If the above questions resonated with you,

you are an OverGiver.

  • Overgiving is a trap.

  • It keeps you disempowered.

  • It enables and codepends poor behavior from others.

  • It leaves you exhausted.

  • You are not honoring who you are and you disregard the point that


  • It ruins and destroys passion, harmony and joy in relationships.

  • You invite others to take advantage of you.

  • And it's unattractive - your dates or mates will lose interest in you because overgiving lacks Authenticity, a key component in sexiness and attraction.

OverGiver Retraining is desperately needed!

OverGiving is the one of the top culprits in dismantled relationships and frustrations in dating.

We utilize teachings that are based in love and non-judgement and they have the power to transform your overgiving into:

  • discover your Unique Voice & Purpose, you can and will learn how to ask for what you need with Confidence

  • release blame and taking 100% responsibility for your life and choices

  • learn how to obliterate the negative self chatter

  • teach people how to treat you with healthy boundaries...

  • and doing it with healthy language and communication skills

  • rock Dating skills and attract your mate naturally, or restore passion, harmony, peace and joy in your current relationship

As you make these transitions, you change your life, dating, and relationships dramatically.  You will receive care and love in return, because when you care for You, others do too!

The OverGiving disease does take some HeartWork.

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