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Rise & Shine

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Welcome to HWU Mentoring

Coaches need support, encouragement, mentoring, and healing too!
We are needed now more than ever. 
I am gifted to support YOU so YOU can shine!

Whether you need to share and be heard,
or you seek to master your skills
and expand your tool set

Gift yourself
a monthly check in,
or pursue full mentoring...


  • I believe in the power of One on One Relationships.

  • Mentoring provided the most growth and strongest foundation for me.

  • It's my gift to Mentor and I am thrilled to offer it to YOU!

  • Allow me to be your teacher, friend, guide, and cheerleader.

  • Learn foundational teachings that lie beneath any healing practice. 

  • Learn the Art and Power of Presence, and managing your empathic nature responsibly.

  • Tap into your Authentic gifts confidently and offer them to your clients, whether it is a coaching style, artistic expression, astrology / enneagram, or an energy healing modality.

  • Rely upon the Divine Intuitive Wisdom already right there, inside of you.

Your Clients

Resources & Remedies for Rapid Transformation
with your clients

  • Be armed with transformative tools and scripts to utilize with your clients.

  • Receive the personal support YOU need

  • Understand the 12 Step Protocol of Coaching. 

  • Discuss coaching challenges, including tough situations and clients. 


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