Men's Tactical Guide to Women

Men, if you have ever thought:

  • she's impossible,

  • she can never be pleased,

  • my efforts are taken advantage of's time to Man Up.  


When you do, you will attract the one who can't keep her hands off of you and she'll admire and appreciate you like crazy!

If you are feeling skeptical, watch the testimonies of Men Unleashing their SuperHero.

I offer a complimentary conversation if you still feel unsure, let's get massive clarity!

Affordable & Awesome Course Investment Range:

$15 - $60


12 Week Online Unleash Program for Singles or Couples  $660

  • these courses are counseling on steroids 

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed 

If your financial situation inhibits you from investing in yourself, contact us and we will help you enroll

I am Kim O, a recovered OverGiver, a recovered Hopeless Romantic, a recovered Xanax Addict, a recovered Self-Doubter/Loather, a recovered disempowered Dater and Relationshipper, a recovered Religious Dogamatist…to one powerful, embracing her purpose, Authentic Self, Soul, Partner, Coach and Founder of - the online HOW hub to equip You in higher learning, living, and loving.

Nice Guys!

I know you're out there and you are frustrated.

You are ready to give up on being NICE, and we can't have you do that.  What you must do though is stop OVERPLEASING/GIVING because it turns women off and I can show you how!

The Differences in 

Attraction & Expectation 

in Dating & Relationship

for Men & Women

You can date and do relationship better!

This course is only 


Check it out!

  • When you understand You better

  • When you understand Him or Her better,

  • And when you understand what it takes to everyday dragon slay...

Everyone is welcome no matter your religion, gender or sexual orientation.  You will find wisdom and love.  Take what resonates for you.

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