Become a Life Coach

Trailer: God's Nudge, Your Response

Has your heart been aching?

A stirring you can't shake?

A longing for something more?

That ache, that longing is God's

unconditional love, your higher

Divine self, your heart.

Your heart will never

stop pursuing you,

because you were meant to 

listen to those urgings and

become all you were meant to


Loving and serving using our 

gifts offers the peace, joy,

and fulfillment you have been

longing for.

Stepping in,

is not an easy task because

the first step is the hardest.

You may read this or listen

to the first video which is

a trailer.

The second video is a brief 

presentation introducing you to:

a live coaching session


Living your purpose, takes some spring cleaning. Because you still might have some dirt lying around that you may have caused you to not have felt worthy or ready to Step In...


You can Step In and dump the junk in your trunk at the same time.

The best way for us to bring this to the world is through HeartWorkU Life Coach/Purpose Training. 


HeartWorkU Life Coach/Purpose Training miraculously heals YOU so you can step fully into who you were designed to be, sustain healthy relationships, and then offer that same healing and empowerment to others.


Learn why coaching transforms and equips.

Learn how it heals with powerful questions,

deep listening, compassion, and accountability - always including steps toward forward momentum.

I am Kim O, and I experienced the transforming power of coaching - and I am called to love and serve by sharing it with you.

HeartWorkUniversity has an Intro to HeartWorkU Life Coach/Purpose Training Course which is a prerequisite to the full 100 hour Certification Training.

Watch a Simple, Yet Powerful

Life Coaching Session

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