My Visit from Jesus 

Jesus came to me in a vision in December 2017. I am now ready to publicly share what he said and showed me.


Whatever you choose to believe about Jesus, his message is LOVE. His teachings talk about living from your heart and not from some law or religion, and that LOVE is the only law you need. I also talk about Forgiveness in a way you may have not heard before.


We have difficulty knowing HOW to love. I can prove to you that we don't know How to Love:

-look at social media

-look at broken relationships

-look at drug epidemics (pharmaceutical and opioid)

-look at antidepressant/anxiety drug dependence

-look at loneliness and suicide


LOVE is needed and it is needed URGENTLY! Jesus came to me and affirmed my calling to teach us HOW to LOVE. I am committed to doing my best to love myself and others with all of my might and show you HOW to too.


Much Love & Grace to you as we practice together.


A recap of the Visit from Jesus video


Jesus awakened me like a thunderbolt one night with an urgent calling.


He said,

"My People do not know how to live my words. They have lost their way. Breathe new life into my story and teach them."  


He then showed me a vision of Moses standing before Pharaoh proclaiming,


"Let My People Go."  


Just as Moses was given the charge to lead his people out of slavery, I am called to lead men and women out of their own self-imposed slavery and awaken them again to their purpose.


Many people are stuck in their wounds.

Many people are stuck in religious dogma.

Many people are stuck in the woo woo of our intuitive gifts or become too out there to relate to others, or even forget about the purpose of it all.  


to self and others. It never fails.  

It heals.

It transcends all.


We need help in the HOW. This is why Jesus called me that special night.  He gave me the gifts to be bold, proclaim the truth, and set people free.   


I founded HeartWorkUniversity. The courses and programs are HIGHER learning, living, and loving. In a non-threatening way, I lead you through the root of the main challenges that paralyze all of us and teach you HOW to be equipped and empowered - with the mind/skillsets to do life, love/relationship, and discover your purpose.

I invite you to Contact me or peruse all of the wonderful resources for you on this website.  Do not stay stuck.  Begin sharing today, it's the first step out of where you are. 


Or, if you are interested in HeartWorkU Life Coach/Purpose Training, check out this page and shoot me your interest and let's get you going!  Learn how you can partner with HeartWorkUniversity and utilize our programs and courses with your clients.

With Accountability, Love & Fun,

Kim O 

If you have been hurt/disappointed/angered by religion or religious dogmatists as I have been, I invite you to believe that you are safe and can experience with me the real intended purpose of religion:



Humans throughout history have messed up this message. I hope to enlighten you to find LOVE again and not be afraid to be reacquainted with the unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional forgiveness teachings of Christ and many others - which is the highest frequency and sets us free in life. Love Your Neighbor as Yourself is the Golden Rule indeed. 

Everyone is welcome - whatever gender or sexual orientation you are, you are beautiful and loved. Everyone will receive transforming wisdom that they can utilize in their lives and relationships.

I embrace many different terms to describe the Divine. Feel free to insert what feels most loving to you.