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Hair & HeartWorkU 
beauty awakened from the inside out

I  make "only my hairdresser knows" a true reality.

Experience my high end hair prowess, while we awaken the beauty within too! Hair has been my creative staple for 25 years, while I continued to receive education in all things healing, coaching, psychology, spirituality, and accessing my own intuitive wisdom.

I invite you to experience my gentle, compassionate approach to inner healing, while we work wonders on your locks. Utilizing the power of presence, active listening, powerful questions, and some fun unconventional tools like:

  • a glimpse into celebrating your unique personality type via 4 different modalities

  • the use of various decks of cards useful in intuiting wisdom

  • ambient, peaceful music, creating a sanctuary escape from the world 

  • introduction to HWU teachings on authenticity, not taking things personally, spirituality...

  • loved ones from the other side have been known to show themselves to me and provide messages for their loved one in the chair...this becomes quite a beautiful experience

All Hair & HeartWorkU service pricing is based upon time and product usage, not per service:

$120 an hour (unless thick hair which may need more product usage).

Time needed will be determined from a brief consultation through text:

1. Send photos of yourself now and a look you desire.  

2. Send your birthdate, time, and location for astrology and human design coaching while we do your hair. 

3. Take the Myers Briggs personality test for free at this site and send your results to me:

4. After I text you the amount of time we need, you can schedule here:




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