Auric Cleanse

Energy Detox & Release

Why Energy Detox & Release? 


Your body can absorb emotional, energetic toxins and create blocks or stagnation, causing added stress to your emotional and mental body.

The techniques of dry brushing, tapping, cranial work, and sound therapy stimulate your immune and lymphatic systems, while releasing the toxic energies. 

I am prepared to offer your auric body a beautiful cleansing. 

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Sound Bowls & Gong

Dry Brushing, Tapping, & Cranial Work

Essential Oils


30 min's = $35

sound therapy-4.png

Cranial / Neck / Facial
relief & relaxation 
with sound therapy

30 mins = $45

Self-care is not a luxury,
it is a necessity.
Show up for yourself and others by cherishing yourself first. 

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