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Not taking anything personally will save you from needless suffering.

Freedom awaits you!

Everyone will benefit and be changed! 

I explore one of the most profound books of all time, Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. He is a psychiatrist who survived 4 concentration camps in WWII, including Aushwitz. His pregnant wife and parents were sent to the gas chambers.

His story is riveting and impossible. He shares poignant conclusions in a psychological technique that he calls Logotherapy. His hope is "to help those who are prone to despair." May his story and words change you as they did me. 

I don't believe in Dating Rules... Consider these "rules" a guide to fully stepping into your Authenticity so that you can be picky and filter quickly. They work...if you put in the HeartWork! 

There are 3 Videos in the Dating Skills series, which include the 14 Golden Rules of Swagilicious Dating.

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We lack emotional self-control when we're triggered or in we need a plan.


When you learn the incredible communication tool in this video, it will change your communication and relationships forever! 

The End Goal Beyond the Pain. What happens beyond the pain? Is doing all of this heartwork worth it?

If you are struggling with where to start, this video is a great place. Be inspired and understand why the journey beyond the pain is well worth embarking on.

What is important to you? What can you negotiate? What can you compromise? And how do you compromise kindly? These questions will be answered as you use the Compatibility Compass. This tool will help you understand yourself and your needs and desires, while examining those of your dates, mates, or loved ones. Understand and create healthy compromise & boundaries

Download these HeartWorkSheets, so you can follow along as you watch the video and answer the questions. The more you invest, the more your return.

Feeling our feelings, even the negative ones, is at the crux of everyday meaningful, joyful, and peaceful living, and it must be done to heal hurt & trauma. Depending on your level of trauma, you may need a coach or counselor to do this heartwork. Or, you may choose to just listen and let the thoughts and ideas stir your heart and mind.

This is Part 2. We go even deeper and explore inner child heartwork.

Forgiveness is the most difficult heartwork we will ever do...and it is the most important, for it truly sets us free. Make sure you watch How to Not Take Anything Personally, How to Value Yourself & Others, and Heal Hurt & Trauma parts 1 &2, first, before you take this course. You must be fully prepared, before you approach the amazing gift of forgiveness. 

Learn the Mental Pesticides that eliminate the pesky ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) that can consume our minds and paralyze our lives. 

If you struggle with SELF-JUDGMENT, this video is for you.  Understand how negative experiences in childhood make neural pathways in your brain, a template, in which drive your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.


The Good News?  You can overcome, heal, and rewire your brain! 

Life is filled with conversations, discussions, and conflict.

Sharing and listening in ways that are healthy, cause everyone to feel valued, seen, and heard.

Learn the 9 healthy habits for effective and kind communication. 

Download these HeartWorkSheets, so you can follow along as you watch the video and answer the questions. The more you invest, the more your return.

It seems like it would be easy enough to Value Ourselves & Others. But it is not, relationships and people are complicated. Let me introduce you to your 12 Valuable Verbs. We each need to be valued in our own unique way, and this tool shows you how...and it's fun! A simple yet powerful course that can transform your relationships.

Download these HeartWorkSheets, so you can follow along as you watch the video and answer the questions. The more you invest, the more your return.

Your Authenticity, being YOU, is the avenue to the meaningful life and relationships you long for.

Discover the past messages that have caused you to lose yourself, so that you can reframe them and be yourself again. 

For anyone who has a heart to help others.  You will heal your own residual wounds, ground in your purpose and become equipped to help others become empowered in their own lives.

20 hours Online 

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100 hour Certificate of HeartWorkU

Life Coach Training program)


Your Relational Soul Coach

60$ for 60 minutes

One on One & Group Coaching

I am a Teacher type of Coach!

When you combine my coaching with the soul reaching concepts in my videos and will change, thus your life will be changed. 


Emotional Blocks?




Relational Skills?


These are my strong points. 

I can equip you and help you develop your inner voice. 

I was trained at the SouthWest Institute of Healing Arts in Life Coaching and Advanced Life Coaching, and have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Grand Canyon University, and pursuing my Masters Degree in Counseling.


You and your group will walk away with powerful tools and a fresh insight into higher learning and living and empowerment to pursue a healthy, meaningful life and relationship.

We offer HeartWorkshops based upon any of the courses offered at HeartWorkUniversity.

We also offer HeartWorkU Life Coach/Purpose Training seminars.

You can contact us if you are interested in inviting our founder Kim O, or a member of our HWU team to speak with your organization.