HeartWorkU Coaching

Let us access what is already here, inside of YOU.

We Speak to Uplift. We see the beauty in you. We want to connect with you. We want to encourage and empower you. Allow us to join you on your healing journey today. You are not your challenges. You are not your thoughts or feelings. You are not your Trauma story. You are a person experiencing challenges. We help you remember who you are.

You are Powerful. You are your Higher, Divine Self. 

Bridge into the Woods

Divine Authentic You

Every cell in our bodies mimics back to us what we believe.

Our cells have cellular memory, housing the hurts of old. 

It is time to retrain our brains and create a new story. It is time to step fully into our Divine Self, living from our power.

You can live a life of power, peace, and joy.  You have a heritage of wisdom and love. Let us access what is already here, waiting for you.​

We trust our Higher Self, you can too!


We educate you, coach you, and love you as we guide you toward living from your Higher Self.


We use sacred tools: our courses and many psychological and coaching strategies which transform your mindset, offer higher self skills, and radically change your behavior to an empowered lived life. 


Here, you are invited to be YOURSELF, Welcome!

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The HSP Life Coach.
& Relational Soul Coach.


Founder, Spiritual CEO Teacher/Coach, Wisdom Intuitive, 

I remember, even as a young child, caring deeply for people. I could not bear knowing anyone was in pain. This included the animals on our farm. I was different, but this difference was not acknowledged in a positive manner. I needed to adapt. I needed to wipe those tears and buck up. I also experienced childhood trauma at the tender age of 4, and was not comforted or told "this is not your fault, this was wrong." 


I did not understand the devastating effects of childhood trauma, coupled with not having been raised with affection, emotional support, or even a healthy self-esteem. I did not know I was an HSP (highly sensitive person) until my mid thirties. After very poor choices in dates and mates, I was tired of the pain. I was tired of the anxiety and depression. I was tired of my dependence on Xanax. I was tired of my miserable life. 


Could the spiritual leaders, teachers, and coaches I was listening to, be right? Could I be free of the negative thoughts, shame, and self-loathing that shrouded my existence. 


I gave it a try. I first tried counseling and then upgraded to coaching. Coaching was profound. Coaching was active and transformative, and it happened fast.  

I am Kim O, a recovered OverGiver, a recovered Hopeless Romantic, a recovered Xanax Addict, a recovered Self-Doubter, a recovered disempowered Dater and Relationshipper, a recovered Religious Dogamatist….to one powerful, embracing her purpose, Authentic Self, Soul, Partner, Teacher Coach and founder of  HWU.

I would be honored to guide and empower you to your personal freedom.



We would love to share with your organization or group.

We also love leading retreats and powerful, nourishing meditations. Our coaching repertoire enables us to share with your audience in an intimate fashion, transforming mindsets and empowering forward action. Meditations and rituals are an integral aspect of what we offer. You will feel nourished, refreshed, and liberated. 

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

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